The renewable energy cluster of the Oslo region
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OREEC (Oslo Renewable Energy and Environment Cluster) is a network with businesses, research institutes, education and public actors within the field of renewable energy and environment in the Oslo region. OREEC’s purpose is to contribute to increased innovation, increased business opportunities and increase value creation for our partners.

OREEC’s aim is to make Norwegian businesses world leading within their fields. We do this in close collaboration with local governments and other public and private actors, so that we can create a market for technology and competence from the regions tech companies and service providers. We promote our partners through our extensive international network. We believe that this will give OREEC’s partners increased exposure and opportunities both abroad and domestic.

We believe that innovation is a result of collaboration between the private sector, governments and the research and educational institutions. Forward-looking solutions requires holistic thinking and collaboration between different focus areas. OREEC has a holistic approach and facilitates dialogue and greater interaction between the different actors across the thematic focus areas. We also work for better conditions for business in certain areas.

OREEC contributes to the establishment of new partnerships between businesses and between businesses and research. More and more companies are joining as a partner in OREEC. Many of the partners actively participate in ORREC’s projects, others attending various meeting places or engages in OREEC’s work in other ways.
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