Biogas – the fuel of circular economy

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Biogas – the fuel of circular economy

Topic:   Green transport

The Oslo region has a range of different initiatives and waste management systems. Biogas is produced from municipal waste at several locations in the region. The biogas is used as CBG for public transport, waste management trucks, distribution trucks and as LBG for long distance trucks. Learn more about the strategies behind, how the fuel is produced at the worlds most advanced biogas plants and how it is used as fuel in different transport segments.

  • Strategies for circular economy and biogas production
  • Biogas production – visit to biogas plant
  • Biogas refuelling stations
  • Use of biogas as fuel for public transport

Duration: 4-6 hours.

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Biogas is the perfect example of circular economy. Municipal waste from Oslo becomes fuel for public transport in the region. Learn how and why!