Topics – Areas of interest

Take a tour and experience the different plants, companies, projects and research infrastructure that make Oslo region a green innovation leader.

Green transport

Oslo aims to reach near zero greenhouse gas emissions already by 2030. As more than half of the emissions come from the transport sector today, a wide variety of innovative projects and actions are under implementation.

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Renewable energy

The world energy market is being disrupted under the influence of trends such as digitalization and decentralization. Stakeholders in Oslo are developing solutions to empower consumers to become prosumers.

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Green buildings

The building sector is developing innovative solutions to tackle the need for energy efficiency.  Fifty pilot projects for climate neutral building and urban areas will be developed in Oslo by 2020.

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Waste in the circular economy

Norway landfills only around 1% of its waste. The rest is valorized. The Oslo region has a range of different initiatives and waste management systems that have one thing in common: they are all designed to extract as much value from waste as possible with a low impact on the environment.

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Eco Governance

The Oslo Region is well-known for having ambitious politicians aiming for fast reduction of climate gas emissions. Ambitions are accomplished by companies and organisations who deliver technology, services and solutions. Learn more about leadership and Private Public Partnership demonstrating how the ambitions are put into action.

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Green City

Oslo has been named European Green Capital for 2019, and is proud to be a city that puts the environment and the inhabitants in front row. However, sustainability is the key in urban planning also for the smaller cities in the Oslo Region. Learn more about the high political ambitions, urban planning and new technology enable the development of modern, green cities in the Oslo region.

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