The City of Oslo and Akershus County Council has a common
goal of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in the region to
half of the 1990-level by 2030, despite expecting a strong population growth.

Eco Governance

Eco Governance is the ecological & economic system of intentions, policies, processes and regulations of organizations and corporations. Eco Governance ensures the eco-responsibility of certain individuals and organizations to obtain ecological sustainable environment and real prosperity

High ambitions & good cooperation

The Oslo Region is well-known for having ambitious politicians aiming for fast reduction of climate gas emissions. This is an important basis for achieving good results – but it´s not enough. Ambitions need to be accomplished by companies and organisations that are able to deliver the necessary technological solutions and systems to produce renewable energy, foster zero emission transport and provide sustainable solutions for buildings and neighbourhoods.

The Oslo Region can show several examples of an excellent Private Public Partnership, demonstrating how the ambitions are put into action. Green Visits Oslo Region can put together a program where you will visit sites demonstrating this cooperation, and where you can meet representatives from private and public actors describing how this is done in practice.

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