Urban planners, politicians and businesses of different kinds all work hard to reduce Oslo’s carbon footprint and ensure a sustainable future for everyone. Their efforts have been recognized and rewarded by the European Commission, which has named Oslo the European Green Capital for 2019.

Green City

Oslo: European Green Capital 2019

Oslo has been named European Green Capital for 2019, and the city has many ambitious plans in the pipeline that confirm its status as a pioneer in sustainable development. Oslo is proud to be a city that puts the environment first.

High ambitions

Oslo will reduce greenhouse gas emissions with 95% by 2030. The City Government has launched climate budgets for 2017–2020 as a part of the Financial Budget “. We’ll count carbondioxide the same way we count money.”

30% of new cars sold in Oslo in 2017 were electric vehicles, which makes Oslo the electric vehicle capital of the world

By 2020 the public transport will be fossil free, and by 2029 it will be zero emissioni.

New public buildings shall generally be energy positive

In the last 30 years, Oslo has grown by more than 200.000 inhabitants. However, the population growth has not made the city less attractive – quite the contrary. Oslo has improved in almost every area: better air and water quality, better schools, better transport and a more active city life.

Not just the capital

Sustainability is the key in urban planning also for the smaller cities in the Oslo Region. Municipal plans for urban development, energy and environment, mobility all take sustainability as a main factor. And the various thematic areas are closely linked. Renewable energy can be produced with solar cells integrated into buildings, and plus houses provide excess energy that can be returned to the electricity grid. The energy can be used for zero emission transport solutions, which provide new opportunities for mobility, clean air and a better environment for the population. So, high political ambitions, urban planning and new technology enable the development of modern, green cities in the Oslo region.

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