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Illustration: Lund Hagem Architects/ Atelier Oslo/ Kultur -og idrettsbygg Oslo KF

Green Visits organizes professional visits for international delegations visiting the Oslo region. We offer support to match the right business contacts and ensure that visitors acquire the knowledge they are interested in within green innovation and sustainable development.
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Our green companies
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Topics – Areas of interest

Take a tour and experience the different plants, companies, projects and research infrastructure that make Oslo region a green innovation leader.

Green transport

Oslo region has the highest per capita sales and stock of electric cars in the world, with a well developed charging infrastructure. The public transport system will become fossil free by 2030 and already today many of our buses are electric, or use biogas or hydrogen as fuel.

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Renewable energy

Norway is well-known for its competence within hydropower as more than 90% of our electricity is produced by Norway`s many rivers and lakes. However, in order to become 100% fossil-free in the future, we work with other forms of renewable energy as well. Solar energy is increasingly important for us.

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Green buildings

The building sector is developing innovative solutions to tackle the need for energy efficiency. Energy efficiency in buildings, circular economy and reuse of building materials, emission-free constuction processes,

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Waste in the circular economy

Stakeholders in the Oslo region are working together to close the resource loops and re-integrate waste streams back into the production system. Innovative technology is a key enabler. Oslo region has a range of innovative waste sorting plants, one of which is world`s first fully automated plant.

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Green City

How we develop cities and towns with regards to energy and the environment, there is also interest among visitors. This includes urban planning, infrastructure such as transport, communication and distribution.

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Eco Governance

The Oslo Region have a lot of experience with political ambitions and how we organize public-private partnerships. Regional plans and strategies are relevant to present in this context.

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Featured visit objects

Powerhouse Kjørbo – Plus energy office building.

Two office buildings from the early 80`s, renovated to Powerhouse standard i.e. the buildings produce more renewable energy that they consume over the course of lifetime.

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The Magic Factory

The Magic Factory outside Tønsberg recycles food waste and manure into climate-friendly biogas and valuable bio-fertilizer.

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