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Cambi is the global market leader in thermal hydrolysis, a well-proven technology for the conversion of sludge and organic waste to renewable energy (biogas) and high-quality biosolids.

Topic:   Circular economy, Renewable energy      Company type:   Private company

Cambi started in 1989 and developed the thermal hydrolysis process (CambiTHP®) as a pre-treatment stage before the anaerobic digestion of wastewater sludge and organic waste. Several Cambi applications of thermal hydrolysis have been demonstrated successfully, e.g. SolidStream® (installed after the digestion process). Cambi’s thermal hydrolysis solutions have been already chosen for 60 plants in 20 countries. The sludge of large cities (London, Washington DC, Beijing and many others) passes seamlessly through Cambi plants. The first installations have been operating smoothly for over 20 years. Today, Cambi has offices in 9 countries and more than 125 employees.

Cambi plants are made of standard proven modules that are easy to install, thanks to long experience with integration in plants with different characteristics. We always increase our client’s renewable energy production, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate health risks associated with sludge pathogens, recycle valuable nutrients, while optimising capital investments and operational benefits.

Interested parties are welcome to visit our plants and talk to our clients about their experience with Cambi. In the Oslo region, Cambi has delivered 4 projects:

  • EGE plant (Romerike Biogas Plant, Oslo, Norway)
  • Lindum (Drammen, Norway)
  • Hias WWTP (Hamar, Norway)
  • Mjøsanlegget (Biowaste plant, Lillehammer, Norway)
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