Ecocube provides mobile, ecofriendly housing. We re-use shipping containers and utilize state of the art technology and materials to provide modern, comfortable homes.

Topic:   Green buildings, Green City      Company type:   Private company

We want to change the way the world lives for the better.

Our solution is an environmentally friendly, mobile and modular, turnkey housing system.

Our units tread lightly on the land and leave only the smallest of footprint.

The flexible and adaptable system is designed by architects, utilizing shipping containers, and can be installed off-grid and supply its own energy from PVs, windmills and be equipped with smart-home technology for wireless control and operation and have bio-toilets etc installed for a truly “no-strings attached” installation. We can even provide cutlery, pots and pans, linen and outdoor equipment to complete the installation so the user just have to bring their own gear.

It provides a safe haven for people operating under difficult circumstances and often living in harsh conditions; a home away from home. We provide welfare, helping organizations retain their skilled employees.

We’re currently focusing on the aid and relief sector for our product, but it can be utilized in any temporary or permanent setting as housing or other functions such as offices etc. Energy and engineering projects, government and municipality use, private property development, cabins for private use or tourist associations, student housing – the list and possibilities are endless!

We love containers, and hope you’re infatuated as well. Give us a shout and let’s see how we can help change the way you live!

Reference projects:
-Ecocube mini+ in for private customer in Fredrikstad used as a cottage. Not open to public.
-Ecocube midi – Fredrikstad Municipality: 2 Ecocube midi modules used as half-way housing. Not open to public.
-Ecocube midi – World Food Programme Ethiopia: 2 midi modules used for aid- and relief workers in Pugnido refugee camp, Ethiopia. Not open to public.
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