Hydrogen for Transport – Oslo Region in the Forefront

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Hydrogen for Transport – Oslo Region in the Forefront

Topic:   Green transport

The city of Oslo together with Akershus County Council have adopted a common Hydrogen Strategy 2014-2025. Oslo-Akershus aims to be among the leading regions in the world for early use of fossil-free hydrogen for transport solutions. Refuelling infrastructure in the Oslo region includes 5 hydrogen stations today. The Oslo region has a strong research and innovation environment linked to hydrogen production and infrastructure which will support the further development of the field.On this tour you will learn about:

  • The Hydrogen Strategy for Oslo-Akershus – political ambitions and instruments
  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in Norway
  • World leading hydrogen companies in the Oslo region
  • Research and development – what is expected for the future development of hydrogen technology
  • Visit to a hydrogen refuelling station

Duration: 4-6 hours

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Oslo region is leading the way on hydrogen for transport, with several refuelling stations, Fuel Cell Electric vehicles and hydrogen buses.