Norwegian Hydrogen Association (NHF)

NHF tells you why and how the Oslo region is world leading on hydrogen for transport
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Norwegian Hydrogen Association (NHF)

Topic:   Green City, Green transport, Renewable energy      Company type:   Cluster / NGO

The Norwegian Hydrogen Association (NHF) was founded in 1996 as a non-profit members’ association for conveying and promoting the advantages of hydrogen as an energy carrier in Norway. As of 2018, our 60 members span Norwegian industry, universities, research institutes and other organizations engaged or otherwise interested in hydrogen.

NHF works actively to disseminate key achievements from hydrogen research and technology commercialisation, market trends, national and international policy-making by organizing conferences, seminars and workshops, and connecting relevant international cooperation. We present regular updates by publishing newsletters and posts on Moreover, NHF works closely with Nordic sister organizations as well as relevant European associations and international entities.

Norwegian companies, research institutes, and universities have over the last decades developed strong competence and long experience in hydrogen technologies. NHF is facilitating further development of these skills and capabilities so that Norwegian stakeholders can take an active role and share in the growing global market for hydrogen technologies. NHF aims to be a visible actor in the hydrogen community in Norway and abroad, and has an important coordinator role in fostering this growing industry.

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