Powerhouse Kjørbo – Plus energy office building

A Powerhouse produces during its lifetime more renewable energy than the energy used for materials production, operation, renovation and demolition.
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Powerhouse Kjørbo – Plus energy office building

Two office buildings from the early 80’s, renovated to Powerhouse standard i.e. the buildings produce more renewable energy that they consume over the course of lifetime (60 years).

By optimizing and combining known technologies in new ways, the two office buildings were renovated and the energy demand was reduced by approximately 85-90%. The buildings’ existing structural systems remained, and materials such as glass and concrete have been directly reused. An example of this is how the windows from the original façade are used as doors and walls inside the building.

A PV-system (solar-cells) on the roof-top provides the building with electricity, producing around 210.000 kWh/year. Electricity needed for ventilation, lights, heating and cooling is 100.000 kWh/year which gives a surplus production of energy. Surplus energy is being used in the nearby hydrogen refueling station (See visit object Uno-X Hydrogen).

Energy wells just outside the buildings are linked to a heat pump for space ventilation and hot water heating. The wells are also used for free cooling during hot periods in the summer.

See the Building Dashboard  at Powerhouse Kjørbo.

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Kjørboveien 24, 1300 Sandvika


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