Recycling – Oslo’s commitment

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Recycling – Oslo’s commitment

Topic:   Circular economy

Textiles, wood, glass, metals, paper and plastic are some of the material waste streams with high valorization rates. Food waste is used as feedstock in biogas production followed by fertilizer production. Valorization of these waste streams is possible due to ambitious policy, well-functioning waste management systems, innovative technology and good communication between the different stakeholders in the region. On this tour you will learn about:

  • Policies for waste management in the Oslo region
  • Municipal systems for collection of waste
  • Reuse of materials in practice
  • Visit to automated sorting facilities

On this tour you will visit some of the advanced waste management plants in the region, and get presentations from public and private companies.

Duration: 4-6 hours.

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Municipalities in the Oslo region has a strong commitment to circular economy. World-class companies make the ambitions possible!