The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Success

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The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Success

Topic:   Green transport

Norway is the country with the highest per capita share of EVs in the world. This success is primarily due to a range of incentives that eliminated the price advantage of diesel and gasoline cars in Norway. But, it is also due to Norwegians being willing to try new technology, and companies providing charging infrastructure, digital solutions and vehicles. On this tour you will learn about:

  • The Norwegian EV story – a story of success!
  • EV incentives – what are they, and what is the effect?
  • Fostering use of EVs in Oslo
  • Building electric vehicle charging in Norway
  • How does the vehicle suppliers experience the Norwegian market?
  • Zero emission public transport in Oslo

On this tour you will get presentations from public and private actors, and visit charging stations in the region.

Duration: 4-6 hours.

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Oslo is world-leading on electric mobility with a market share of battery electric passenger vehicles of 30% in 2017!