Zero emission neighbourhoods

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Zero emission neighbourhoods

Topic:   Green buildings

To support climate friendly urban development the municipalities in the western part of the Oslo region – Oslo, Bærum, Asker and Drammen – have launched FutureBuilt in cooperation with a range of other partners. Their vision is to show that climate neutral urban areas, based on high quality architecture, are possible. On this tour you will learn about:

  • Public ambitions developing climate neutral neighbourhoods
  • FutureBuilt – ambitions, actions and experiences
  • Technology makes the ambitions come true
  • How to foster green buildings and renewable energy and clean transport
  • Visit to green buildings

On this tour you will get presentations from public and private actors, and visit green buildings in the region.

Duration: 4-6 hours.

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50 pilot projects for climate neutral buildings and urban areas will be built in Oslo by 2020.