Oslo is world-leading on electric mobility with a market share of battery electric passenger vehicles of 30% in 2017!

Oslo region is leading the way on hydrogen for transport, with several refuelling stations, Fuel Cell Electric vehicles and hydrogen buses.

Biogas is the perfect example of circular economy. Municipal waste from Oslo becomes fuel for public transport in the region. Learn how and why!

Green transport tours

Oslo is a pioneer in green transport solutions. Road transport accounts for the major part of the GHG emissions in the region. Political ambitions, the use of national and regional incentives and companies providing innovative solutions has made Norway and the Oslo region world leading on green transport. We have designed a couple of tours that will give you insight in the status for green transport and how the challenges in the Oslo region are solved. 

Tour 1: The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Success

Norway is the country with the highest per capita share of EVs in the world. This success is primarily due to a range of incentives that eliminated the price advantage of diesel and gasoline cars in Norway. But, it is also due to Norwegians being willing to try new technology, and companies providing charging infrastructure, digital solutions and vehicles. On this tour you will learn about:

  • The Norwegian EV story – a story of success!
  • EV incentives – what are they, and what is the effect?
  • Fostering use of EVs in Oslo
  • Building electric vehicle charging in Norway
  • How does the vehicle suppliers experience the Norwegian market?
  • Zero emission public transport in Oslo

On this tour you will get presentations from public and private actors, and visit charging stations in the region.

Duration: 4-6 hours.

Tour 2: Hydrogen for transport – Oslo region in the forefront

The city of Oslo together with Akershus County Council have adopted a common Hydrogen Strategy 2014-2025. Oslo-Akershus aims to be among the leading regions in the world for early use of fossil-free hydrogen for transport solutions. Refuelling infrastructure in the Oslo region includes 5 hydrogen stations today. The Oslo region has a strong research and innovation environment linked to hydrogen production and infrastructure which will support the further development of the field.On this tour you will learn about:

  • The Hydrogen Strategy for Oslo-Akershus – political ambitions and instruments
  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in Norway
  • World leading hydrogen companies in the Oslo region
  • Research and development – what is expected for the future development of hydrogen technology
  • Visit to a hydrogen refuelling station

Duration: 4-6 hours

Tour 3: Biogas – the fuel of circulation economy

The Oslo region has a range of different initiatives and waste management systems. Biogas is produced from municipal waste at several locations in the region. The biogas is used as CBG for public transport, waste management trucks, distribution trucks and as LBG for long distance trucks. Learn more about the strategies behind, how the fuel is produced at the worlds most advanced biogas plants and how it is used as fuel in different transport segments.

  • Strategies for circular economy and biogas production
  • Biogas production – visit to biogas plant
  • Biogas refuelling stations
  • Use of biogas as fuel for public transport

Duration: 4-6 hours.

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