We have designed a couple of tours for you to discover companies and visiting objects showing why the Oslo Regions in the forefront in the green shift.

Illustration: Kultur -og idrettsbygg Oslo KF

Green Visit Tours


Green Visits is your entry point to exploring the innovative environmental, climate and renewable energy solutions developed and implemented in the Oslo region. To make it easy for you to match with the right business contacts and learn the lessons of the leading companies and institutions, we have designed a set of tours covering over focus areas.


We offer you a tour to visiting objects and companies within the area you want, and with a matching duration. We give you some suggestions below. Find you topic, and send us an email if you have a specific request for topi, company or visiting object. We will then make a suggestion for you.


Be inspired!

Green transport

The Oslo Region is world leading on fossile free transport. We offer you the following tours to learn more about how and why, including visits to production plants and refuelling stations.

Tour 1: The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Success

Tour 2: Hydrogen for transport – Oslo region in the forefront

Tour 3: Biogas – the fuel of circulation economy

Circular Economy

The Oslo Region has a range of innovative companies and plants for resource management, supported by high political ambitions.

Tour 1: Recycling – Oslo´s commitment

Tour 2: From waste to biogas

Green buildings

Sustainability is the key factor developing the city of Oslo and regional cities. Zero emission neighbourhood and green buildings are part of the ambitions.

Tour 1: Zero emission neighbourhoods

Tour 2: Green buildings

Renewable Energy

Hydropower is the main resource for electricity production in Norway. However, solar is gaining market access and the Oslo region can show several examples on use of solar integrated in buildings – and even for melting snow in the winter time!

Tour 1: Use of renewables for heat and electricity

Tour 2: The Oslo solar story  

Join us on a touring the Oslo region visiting plants, buildings, green transport infrastructure and more. Learn about the policies behind the action, and how public-private collaboration can make the Oslo region a green innovation leader and transform Norway to a competitive low-emission society. 

If you want to meet the people that make this possible, contact us and we will be happy to welcome you in Norway!

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Photo: OBR/Monocle Thomas Ekström