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Asplan Viak AS

Asplan Viak is an interdisciplinary architecture and consulting company with 900 employees in 30 locations in Norway. International activities through Norplan.


BiomimicryNorway is an organization focused on sustainable innovation. We provide workshops, courses and consulting services using circular economy and biomimicry principles.

Cambi Group AS

Cambi is the global market leader in thermal hydrolysis, a well-proven technology for the conversion of sludge and organic waste to renewable energy (biogas) and high-quality biosolids.


Ecocube provides mobile, ecofriendly housing. We re-use shipping containers and utilize state of the art technology and materials to provide modern, comfortable homes.

From waste to biogas

Biogas is the perfect example of circular economy. Municipal waste from Oslo becomes fuel for public transport in the region. Learn how and why!

Green buildings

Visit new or renovated green buildings in the region and see how they meet the strongest requirements on energy use, produce energy for own consumption and fuel production for clean transport.


HYSTORSYS is a Norwegian developer and supplier of hydrogen compression systems based on solid state absorption / desorption in metals – metal hydrides (MH). The technology enables compressing hydrogen without any moving parts.