Oslo’s green visit objects

This is a list of stakeholders in the Oslo region which have developed an innovative solution or work in an innovative way. They would be happy to welcome your delegation and share their knowledge with you.

Roaf Solar Park Lillestrøm

Roaf Solar Park Lillestrøm is to be a showcase for competence development, research, and demonstration of new technology.

Powerhouse Kjørbo – Plus energy office building

Powerhouse produces more renewable energy that it consumes over the course of its lifetime.

From organic waste to transport fuel and environmentally friendly bio-fertilizer

The biogas plant at Romerike is operated by the Oslo Waste-to-Energy Agency and uses food waste as feedstock.

Optical sorting and energy production from residual waste

Plant including optical sorting systems and incineration systems for treatment of waste produced in the Oslo region.

Fully automated Waste Sorting Facility at ROAF

One of the most advanced waste sorting facilities in the world utilizing near infrared technology to take out resources from residual waste.

Akershus Energy Park

Akershus Energy Park is the location of 13,000 sqm solar collectors, IFE Hynor Hydrogen Technology Center and more

Institute for Energy Technology

Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) is in the forefront of several fields within international energy research, including solar, wind and hydrogen

Norwegian Institute for Air Research

NILU's research provides knowledge and awareness about causes and consequences associated with pollution and climate change

Kunnskapsbyen Centre of Innovation

Kunnskapsbyen in close collaboration with local governments and other public and private actors, so that we can create a market for technology and competence from the regions tech companies and service providers. We promote our partners through our extensive international network.

Pilot projects on carbon neutral urban areas

FutureBuilt is a ten-year programme (2010-2020) with a vision of developing carbon neutral urban areas and high-quality architecture.

Source separation of household waste and recycling in Hamar

Waste collection system that has proven good results for several years, especially when it comes to preparing waste for recycling.

The Magic Factory

The Magic Factory outside Tønsberg recycles food waste and manure into climate-friendly biogas and valuable bio-fertilizer.

Support for the Solar Energy Industry

The Solar Energy Cluster is a national partnership which supports cooperation between stakeholders in the solar energy industry.

Inter-municipal waste management and recycling in Gardermoen region

Øvre Romerike Avfallsselskap IKS (ØRAS) manages a modern recycling center that collects more than 95% of waste for recycling.

Deposit system for beverage packaging

Infinitum AS owns the deposit system for PET bottles and cans in Norway and collects 95% of units entering the market.  

The Climate and Energy Laboratory

A national pilot consisting of a passive house with four renewable energy sources used for education purposes.

Emissions free construction sites

The City of Oslo is piloting construction sites where emission free solutions are being tested.

Plus-energy Social Service Buildings in Oslo

Starting with 2017 all new buildings owned by the City of Oslo are planned as plus-energy-buildings

Kunnskapsbyen Centre of Innovaton

Lillestrøm Centre of Innovation - a unique partnership between businesses, research and public actors

Norwegian Hydrogen Association (NHF)

NHF is fostering business development and international cooperation on hydrogen and fuel cells.