We have designed a couple of tours for you to discover companies and visiting objects showing why the Oslo Regions in the forefront in the green shift.

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Green Visit Tours


Green Visits is your entry point to exploring the innovative environmental, climate and renewable energy solutions developed and implemented in the Oslo region. To make it easy for you to match with the right business contacts and learn the lessons of the leading companies and institutions, we have designed a set of tours covering over focus areas.


We offer you a tour to visiting objects and companies within the area you want, and with a matching duration. We give you some suggestions below. Find you topic, and send us an email if you have a specific request for topi, company or visiting object. We will then make a suggestion for you.


Be inspired!

Green transport

The Oslo Region is world leading on fossile free transport. We offer you the following tours to learn more about how and why, including visits to production plants and refuelling stations.

Tour 1: The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Success

Tour 2: Hydrogen for transport – Oslo region in the forefront

Tour 3: Biogas – the fuel of circulation economy

Circular Economy

The Oslo Region has a range of innovative companies and plants for resource management, supported by high political ambitions.

  1. Resource management. Visit the worlds most advanced plant for recycling, learn about the political ambitions and how ambitions are transformed into action by advanced technology.
  2. From waste to biogas. Visit plants for transforming municipal food waste and wastewater sludge into biogas and soil fertilizer. Learn about political ambitions and how the biogas is used.

Green buildings

The construction and real estate sector also contributes to the circular economy. New forms of cooperation have resulted in innovative concepts for construction and renovation of carbon neutral plus-energy buildings.

Oslo already has several buildings which will generate more renewable energy during their life time than the energy used in materials production, construction, operation and
demolition. Fifty such pilot individual buildings and city areas will be completed by 2020.

Renewable Energy

Norway is well-known for its competence within hydropower as more than 95% of our electricity is produced by the many rivers and lakes. However, to become 100% fossil-free in the future, we work with other forms of renewable energy as well.

Solar energy is increasingly important for us. The Norwegian Solar Energy cluster comprises companies with a long tradition in silicon production and energy system engineering.

Solar panels are becoming part of both existing buildings in the region or even integral parts of new buildings.

Take a tour of the website and experience the different plants, companies, projects and research infrastructure that make Oslo region a green innovation leader.

If you want to meet the people that make this possible, contact us and we will be happy to welcome you in Norway!

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Photo: OBR/Monocle Thomas Ekström